Where art thou, Romeo?

Verona - City viewed from Veronetta district 1. (Photo by Fleur Kinson)This summer, ladies and gentlemen, I will be spending in the lovely land of the feuding Capulets and the Montagues, one of the gems of Northern Italy – Verona.  I’ve never been to Italy before, so I am ecstatic to have the opportunity to live there, with an Italian family as an au pair.  Well, more like a live-in English as a Second Language teacher in order to provide a full immersion experience for two Italian children and give them structured English classes every morning during the week.  During my afternoons and weekends, I hope to get to experience my first taste of Italian life, Italian culture, and maybe a few classes in a language school.  Hopefully I’ll meet some nice Italians!  I’ve been learning Italian on, and while it’s foreign and new, a lot of it reminds me of French.  Oh, to speak Italian and French, the two most beautiful and romantic languages I know!  If I really exert myself over the next few months and during my two-month stay in Italy, I might become officially trilingual… And nothing could be better for my career as an ESL teacher than teaching for 20 hours a week over eight weeks, getting to work with two children and see them improve with their English.  I feel so incredibly lucky!

In addition to my bright ray of sunshine, I’ve also been getting a little bit more work recently.  One more job offer, a total of four hours of English tutoring this week.  One more phone call interview with a rival tutoring company who also wants to offer me clients through their intermediary.  And perhaps even an opportunity to get some real professional translation experience freelancing with a company based in the U.S.  And soon, so very soon, I’ll be on February break!  Time to start churning out some 30 pages of my Harry Potter Master’s thesis and start prepping for my June teaching exam…

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