The Journey

So here it is, my new language project. While I will continue to update my adventures, the repatriation process in the U.S. or as a future Expat, I’d like to invite you to follow me on my linguistic journey, or to simply have more frequent updates on my life, filtered through the lens of language.

The Potential Polyglot


|pəˈtenCHəl| adjective [ attrib. ] having or showing the capacity to become or develop into something in the future

ORIGIN late Middle English: from late Latin potentialis, from potentia ‘power,’ from potent– ‘being able’


|ˈpäliˌglät| [noun] a person who knows and is able to use several languages

ORIGIN mid 17th cent.: from French polyglotte, from Greek πολύγλωττος, from polu- ‘many’ + glōtta ‘tongue

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