My one-year blogging anniversary!

It’s officially been a year since I first started this blog.  Thinking back on my last year, my fifty or so blog posts, my comments by and interactions with people in the blogosphere… I’ve finally found a way to make a project last a year!  I’ve learned that, while I’ve always loved to write, blogging is a way for me to engage in a subject and to make it my own.  I know that, regardless of whether or not I continue to live abroad longterm, my blogging will continue to develop, and – I hope – improve in quality.  Thank you to all of you who have been reading and following Expatlove.  Nothing is more delightful than to hear one of my friends or relatives (or even perfect strangers) telling me, “I love your blog!”


It’s appropriate that my blog’s birthday falls so near my own birthday – I’ll be turning 23 on Friday!  I’m planning to have a small, intimate gathering of friends over to my apartment tonight, to eat crispy and delicious doigts de Fatma (I’ll be preparing them myself) and a moelleux au chocolat cake purchased from the boulangerie.  We’ll be playing my favorite game of all time – Settlers of Catan (Les Colons de Catane), albeit in a slightly more modern version (the roads are in 3D!) and with everything in French.

It’s amazing how quickly time slinks by!  As I reflect upon the past few years of my life, last year in particular, I have come to realize that what you do with your time – and I haven’t been able to afford doing much – isn’t nearly as important as who you spend time with.  This time last year I was with my fabulous, fabulous group of college friends, in Nebraska, having a wonderful joint birthday party with another close friend (HAPPY BIRTHDAY tomorrow, by the way!).  Today I am in the North of France with other amazing individuals who have brightened my past few months (no matter how dreary), enlivened my past few weeks (no matter how dull), and truly made me feel at home here.  And for a foreigner, let me tell you, that is no easy task.  Home is where the heart is, as we all well know, but when your heart is spread out over three continents and a handful of countries, “homesickness” loses its meaning.  And who knows where exactly I’ll be a year from now… but I hope that it will be surrounded by loved ones, with a nice fat chocolate cake.

All my best,


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2 thoughts on “My one-year blogging anniversary!

  1. I have a question for you. Is there a time or set of conditions or whatever when you aren’t an “expat” anymore? Enjoy your cake and don’t forget to caption your pictures. Some of us will never get to see the places you are seeing.

    • Hi Ed! I’m not sure whether or not to interpret your question “existentially” or theoretically, but I suppose you can say that it depends upon how you look at it? And as for when I’ll be “moving back”… I’ll leave you in the suspense.
      I will make sure to keep “labeling” my pictures, but as some of the pictures on my blog aren’t actually “mine”, I don’t always label them :)


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