Once in a while, we all have doubts.  Where do we go with our lives? Am I pursuing the right career? Am I making the right choices?  And let me tell you, as a foreigner in France in a relationship with another foreigner of a nationality clearly not welcome here, I am no stranger to doubt.  Never before did I feel as if my life was a game of cards, a role of the dice to see which way the numbers would fall.  I worked so hard to be with the person I love, to return to France… would it be considered abandoning my dream, succumbing to failure if I were to change course?  Find another solution? Postpone my Expat life?

I’m not saying I’m preparing to do anything radical right now.  But the wheels have been turning in my head and I’m trying to sort things out.  Things may sort themselves out.  Sometimes you aren’t so much led to a conclusion as pushed there.  And we’ll still see where the numbers fall.  I’m not a poker player.  I’m going to rely on God for that one.


Photo credits: Philine W.

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3 thoughts on “Doubts

  1. That’s a tuff situation! I’m sure you’ll do the right thing. Also, cool picture ;)

  2. You would not be abandoning ANYTHING if you were to change course… try not to see it that way. I, too, often entertain thoughts of moving way from France. Perhaps it’s weak of me to say, but in a lot of other places, life would just be so much… easier. And sometimes I miss that. But know that it’s not the path itself that matters, it’s the journey, so don’t let a specific location, or being an expat, hold you back from anything. Plus, the way I see it, anything is possible, so who knows: maybe you’ll end up living in France again one day? Or maybe another country you never imagined you would, and you fall in love again… with your new home? Sounds like you have a good head on your shoulders, so my only advice is just don’t beat yourself up over changing courses. It’s natural, and with the right attitude, you can be happy anywhere. :)

    • Thanks, Nikki! Enough (although only a few) good things have happened since thinking about alternatives to make me really want to hang in there and ride out the tide, but it’s always good to have a plan B. And I’d hate to think all the hard work I’ve put into my Masters would go to waste! We’ll see what happens :) Advienne que pourra!

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