Photojournal: Architectural tour of Amiens

Bonjour, all.  Well I’ve had a fabulous week thus far.  I think I did really well on my first graded presentation (on Little Women) – or at least, I think I did.  The only thing remotely negative (or maybe positive) my teacher said about my oral presentation was “That was really interesting,” whereas she interrupted the guy who went after me with “I don’t agree” and later berated him for having contradicted himself and offering weak arguments.  We shall see what the grades will be…

I also got the outstanding news that I will be able to take the aptitude qualifying exam to become a high school/middle school English professor this summer, known as the CAPES.  I will only be eligible for private schools, as to be a fonctionnaire you have to be French, but this is fabulous news that means I could be teaching as early as next September!  Of course, I have to pass the exam first…

Here’s a little architectural sampling of Amiens :)

“Reading Room’

Jules Verne’s House

Mural of la Maison de Jules Verne

A nice bit of landscape architecture

Nice details


Medieval well in front of the Beffroi

The “Beffroi” or Belfry

Cast iron top of the Beffroi

Cathédrale Notre-Dame d’Amiens

Tiling of the Cathedrale

More tiling



More gargoyles


Through the archway

The Cathedrale from up high

View of Amiens

The Cathedrale roof

View of Saint Leu

Saint Leu

English garden

Houses from above

Interior of the Cathedrale

The labyrinth of the Cathedrale

The Citadel

Former military buildings

The ramparts of the citadel

Sunset on Saint Leu

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